By Mickey Jupp and Chris East

Everybody gots a problem, everybody gets low
Everybody got trouble, leastwise everybody I know
But at times like these when I'm on my knees and everything goes wrong
I turn to my baby and things won't stay wrong for long, no no

When your heart is down and your brain's in a muddle
You can't beat a little kiss and a cuddle
Everything going to be all right
I'll be hangin' on to my baby tonight
Hangin' on tonight

We come into this world, the very first thing we learn
Is everybody needs someone somewhere to turn
So come do what I do if only because
A little bit of lovin' makes everything a little bit better than it was


I don't have much money and I don't really care
No one needs no money when you got some love to spare
Well there ain't no bank in the whole wide world gonna stop this spending spree
When I'm hangin' on to my baby and she's hangin' on to me