The songs of Mickey Jupp

Mickey Jupp has written many great songs, below will you find the ones that are recorded one way or the other.
There might be other songs as well, but perhaps not recorded.
So far there is
155 songs listed.
Many song's are recorded by other artist's, like Dr. Feelgood who has recorded 8 versions of Down at the Doctor's,
some are even translated to other languages,
Swedish, Finnish, German and French.
If and when I will find any more songs or lyrics, they will be added and linked to from here.
Some song's are co-written by Mickey together with other musicians.
If any of you have additional information, please, mail them to me so I can update the song list.
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A Man Always Cries On His Owns Mickey Jupp & ? Robbins
a) Goodboy b) Groovette  
All Sorts To Make A Woman  
Another Guy  
Anything You Do  
Anything You Say  
At The Shop    
Bartender's Blues    
Big Black Cadillac Mickey Jupp & Chris East
Blues For The Blues   
Blues On Their Own  
Boxes And Tins  
British Rail Blues (All Change)   
Brother Doctor, Sister Nurse  
Captain Cool Bobin/Clouter/Mickey Jupp/Witham
Catstye Cam  
Claggin' On Mickey Jupp & Chris East
Close To Me  
Come Back Baby  
Crazy Cowboy Christmas Mickey Jupp & Chris East
Cross Country  
Daisy Mayes  
Danish Style Mickey Jupp & Tamra Rosanes
Doncaster By-pass  
Don't Go Home   
Don't Talk To Me  
Don't You Never  
Doo Wop Shang-A-Lang Shimmy Shimmy  
Down at The Doctor's  
Down In Old New Orleans  
Driving On Your Lights Mickey Jupp & Chris East
Even For You  
Every Second Second  
Feel Free  
Fire Down Below  
First Things First   Mickey Jupp & Chris East
Five Years  
Foxfield Junction  
From A Barstool  
Funny Old World  
Georgia George  
Goin' To  
Good Gracious Me  
Good Lookin'  
Good Money  
Guitarpicker Slim  
Hallelujah To Amen  
Hangin' On  
Hard Times  
He Could Have Been An Army  
Heartbroke Today  
Heather On The Hill  
Heave To My Hearties  
Hole In My Pocket   
Hot Love  
I Should Be Lovin' This  
I Thought I Heard Something  
I Wish This Car Was A Train  
If I Had The Brains I Was Born With  
If Only Mother  
I'm In Control   
I'm With You  
In Her Chair   
In My Pocket    
It's Not Christmas (In My House)  
Junk In My Trunk  
Just Because    
Late last Night  
Little Miss America   
Local Folk'ol      
Lorraine Part 1    
Lorraine Prt 2  
Lover By Night    
Make It Fly    
Making Friends  
Maybe Baby   
Modern Music  
Monty Bronte And The Sisters  
More Than Fair  
Mother Of My Child    
My Typewriter  
National Gas    
Nature's Radio   
Never Too Old To Rock  
No Place Like Home  
Not Wanted Anymore  
Nothing Happened Today  
Nothing Wrong With Me  
Now There's A Thing  
Old Rock 'N' Roller   
Only For Life   
Orlando FLA  
Oxford Dick And The Words   
Part Of Your Furnitures  
Partir C´est Mourir Un Peu  
Poison Girls    
Reading Glasses  
Ring Damn You Ring  
Rock 'N' Roll Peg  
Shine On My Shoes   Bobin/Fifield/Mickey Jupp/Withan
Short List  
So Long  
So That's What It Is    
Some People Can't Dance  
Somebody In Love  
Someplace Where It's Monday  
Songwriter's Lament    
Sonia’s Song  
Soon Enough For Me  
Standing At The Crossroads Again  
Stormy Sunday Lunchtime  
Switchboard Susan  
Taxi Driver  
Tears For You  
The Ballad Of Billy Bonney  
The Fortunate Few   
The Gospel Song    
The Road Mickey Jupp & Chris East
The Someone Special  
The Writer Of Songs  
There's A Thing    
Three Little Words  
Till Honky Gets Tonky Again    
True Love  
Twenty Carat Rocker   
Virginia Weed  
Wouldn't You  
Wrong Food  
You Know What I Mean    
You Made A Fool Out Of Me  
You Wear My Ring  
You'll Never Get Me Up In One Of Those