ring damn you ring.

By Mickey Jupp

The rest of my life walked out on me
Maybe I´ll call you she said maybe
Or maybe I won´t
You just have to wait´n´ see

Does she mean it has she really gone
Or will she reconcider things when she gets home
Don´t know why I got a feelin´
Maybe you know something I don´t

Ring Damn You Ring
Ring Damn You Ring
Oooo youré just an ol´ telephone
Do your telephone-thing
Don´t you know I´m gettin´ close to
Goin´ crazy worryin´
Why don´t you do what your´e supposed to
Ring Damn You Ring

Here I am prayin´ for my baby to call
And there you are just hangin´ on the wall
You ain´t no good for me babe
You ain´t no good for noone at all

You´re drivin´ me out of my mind to night
So if that´s your plan it´s workin´ allright
´Cause here I am shoutin´ at a lump of black bakelite