Sonias song.

By Mickey Jupp
March 1993

The way you stand when you're shooting pool
The way your hair obeys no rule
That coat you wear - too big by a mile
Sonya - I like your style

You play the juke box - you always choose
"Bye bye love" - "Mess of Blues"
Strange - for one so young
Sonya - what makes you run?

Every night I wait for you
to come breezing through that door
Lights come on inside me when you do
Does it show? - I wouldn't know

Then those lights go out again
You walk away and join your friends
I hear you laugh but I can't see
Sonya - do you laugh at me?

I want to take you away from all this
I want to walk you round my world
Tell those boys you are with
You need a man - and here I am

then I tell my self "You silly old fool
You're not leaving this of bar stool"
Drink up - dream on - like losers do
Sonya - Here's to you